Installation: Vanity Top

Vanity top installation tips:

  1. Verify style and measurement.
  2. Ensure vanity base is level and flat. If not, the vanity top will eventually take the shape of the uneven base.
  3. Trial fit the top. If top needs to be trimmed, a belt sander or circular saw equipped with a masonry blade may be used. Always wear eye and respiratory protection.
  4. Install the drain and faucets according to the manufacturer’s directions. A good quality silicone sealant should be used under the drain collar and bottom washer. Tighten the nut to finger tight plus 1/2 turn to 1 turn. It is important that you Do Not Overtighten the Drain. Wipe off excess silicone immediately. (Do Not Use Plumbers Putty.)
  5. Apply silicone to under side corners of top and set in place.
  6. Connect drain and water supply lines.
  7. Seal all wall joints with silicone.