Stock Tops Inventory

This is our inventory of discontinued or overstock vanity tops for sale. These items are sold at greatly discounted prices! All items are sold as is, with no warranty.

To purchase any item, please call Superior Home Products at 636-332-9040 ext. 106 or send an email to listing the item you wish to purchase.

You must come to Superior Home Products Corporate Office to view, purchase, and pickup the item. We do not offer shipping at this time for these items. Please inquire about what installation options are available for selected item(s).

The location for Superior Home Products Corporate Office is:
211 Edinger Road
Wentzville, MO 63385

486.5 X 22PEP IVORYDOvalFW4S$133.99
2272 X 22SANDSTONESOvalFW4S$99.48
2361 X 22PEWTERSOvalFF4S$108.68
3161 x 22SANDY B.SOvalFW4S$86.94
4061.5 x 22NWDOvalWW4S$105.48
4143 X 22NWSWaveFW4S$71.52
4396.5 X 22TWEED WITH 2- TONE WHITE BOWLDWaveWW82nd$281.62
4496.5 x 22TWEED WITH 2- TONE WHITE BOWLDRectangleWW12nd$215.73
4549 X 22CASHMERESOvalFF4S$53.70
4672.75 X 22ESPRESSODOvalWW4S$177.03
4761 X 22AWSOvalFF4S$86.94
4840 X 22SOLID WHITESOvalFW4S$72.45
4948.5 X 22PERSIA WITH 2-TONE ALMOND BOWLSOvalWF42nd$116.53
5049.5 X 22WALNUT TOFFEESOvalWW8S$93.00
5137 X 22SILVERSTONESOvalFF4S$66.60
5249 X 22NWSOvalWW4S$53.70
5372 X 22NWSOvalWF4S$99.48
5443 X 22AWSOvalFF82nd$66.42
5560.5 X 22SANDSTONEDOvalWW4S$104.34
5671.88 X 22ESPRESSOSOvalWW4S$149.22
5774 X 22OATMEALSOvalFW4S$152.64
5958.75 X 22OATMEALSOvalWW4S$126.99
6125 x 22SANDSTONESNon-Recessed OvalWF4S$47.40